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Now, your leather interior accents and features can look amazing all the time with the help of our expert technicians.

We will repair your leather in any environment whether homes, offices, hotels, cars or even yachts and aircrafts, using specialist techniques, which are tailored to the setting.

Hotel and office leather needs to be of the very highest standards. It represents you and the quality of your product. Leather Master will eliminate pen marks, tears and scratches, presenting you and your leather at its best.

Ideal for interior panels, pillars and features, whatever you need repaired, replaced or re-coloured, with our help, your leather will not just look better but feel better too. Our carefully selected products help to soften interior leather surfaces leaving them more comfortable than ever before.

We Donít plan interiors we design your dreams!

An effectively designed work environment enables staff to work more efficiently. Design standards are the foundation of office space accommodation planning, and they assist the employer to provide a suitable work environment.

ďA Room should never allow the eye to relax in one place it should smile at you and create fantasyĒ

So we Leather Master willing to provide you with an additional series of service in installing wall panels and office workstations to make you feel that you are surrounded by the wall which you build yourself.